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When should I replace my batteries?

Peter Silva
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My system is in trouble; I think the standby batteries need to be replaced. When should I replace my batteries?

Paula Messias
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As per the National Fire Protection Association NFPA-72 code, a fire alarm system’s standby batteries should be replaced every five years. But we should remind you that these batteries should only be replaced by a licensed or Certificate of Fitness carrying technician - contact to learn more today!

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Per NFPA 72, Table, Every 3 years - Replace the battery or conduct a load test of the battery capacity. Load test the battery based on the manufacturer’s specifications for a discharge rate of 3 hours or more by applying the current indicated for the selected hourly discharge rate continuously, until the terminal voltage decreases to the end voltage specified by the manufacturer. Record the test duration and calculate the battery capacity including adjustment for ambient temperature. Replace the battery if capacity is less than or equal to 80% or at the next scheduled test interval if battery capacity is less than 85%.

Dylan Hodgson
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Replace the battery is very important. Thank you for this information