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Sprinkler Monitoring Panel Availability

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I’m in the market for a Sprinkler Monitoring Panel, but I can’t seem to find something optimized to suit small applications such as this. Is anyone aware of a panel on the market designed specifically for Sprinkler Monitoring? Thank you.

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Hey Joel, thank you for your question. Up until pretty recently there wasn’t a great answer for this, but the good people over at Potter Signal have designed a Conventional Fire Panel specifically to meet the needs and requirements of small application installations such as a Fire Sprinkler System. The Potter PFC-6006 (linked below) can be wired as Class A or Class B for a Waterflow Initiating Circuit, is compatible with a plethora of Notification Appliances from Potter, Gentex, System Sensor, and Cooper/Wheelock, has an onboard Dual Line Digital Alarm Communicator for optional communication to a Central Monitoring Station, 2-wire Smoke Detector Compatibility, and the ability to E-mail System Status, Reports, and Service Reminders. Lastly, it has several Listings and Approvals which can be found on the related Data Sheet (8830038 - Rev E). Hope this helps.