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Firelite 9600 Panel sending Radio trouble signal during test timers

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I have a new 9600 on 2 pots lines, sending Loss of Radio Supervision with restores, Failure to communicate and restores, all happening at the same time when the test timer is programmed and going through. It causes the panel to actuly go into trouble, send signals, and restores. Also its only sending this over Line one on the UDACT card and will not send signals over Line 2, and line 2 is enabled....Firelite support really has no awnser, Ive ordered a new Udact card, but Im not sure that really is the problem...AND they keypad decided to lock up, as in you cant use any buttons to do anything, they said ribbon cable, but I just did a Full Fire inspection two days prior to this happening with no issues....


Anyone else have this issue?