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Gamewell Identiflex 650 Programming Issues

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Good morning all...! Any help that can be provided is greatly appreciated!

I have a client I am working with that has a Gamewell Identiflex 650 Fire Alarm Control Panel. He is attempting to make a small, six (6) device, addition to the programming. This dealer is a Honeywell, Gamewell, FCI distributor. The problem is the OEM does not support this product any longer.

When the technician attempts to connect to the panel with his laptop, a connection is made but he is unable to download the Control by Event information. It keeps timing out and the connection is lost.

Thank you!!

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Dear Mr. Orange, 

First, laptop programming can be tricky! This Gamewell Identiflex 650 will only link up properly with an older laptop that has a serial port (Not USB Emulator on Windows 10). Second, the port baud rate, stop bit & parity must be set correctly. Lastly, if there is anything plugged into the EIA-232 ports it must be unplugged before plugging in the laptop.