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Most users of GoogleChrome, the browser developed by Google, know of the existence of a T-Rex dinosaur that appears when we do not have an internet connection; however, few know his name.

This peculiar dinosaur was enabled a few years ago by the developers of Google Chrome, who thought to amuse all the people who, for some reason, were left without an internet connection.

Surely you have played it, since this curious T-Rex dinosaur is not only available in the web version of Google Chrome, but also for its mobile version, that is, for smartphones and tablets.

Playing with the dinosaur is simple at the beginning, since you only have to jump and dodge the cacti that appear; however, as the game progresses, the difficulty will increase and it will be practically impossible to finish.

Although many people currently know the dinosaur of Google Chrome, very few users of this browser know its real name. If you are one of them, check our gallery so you know their identity.

Change the character of T-Rex game for Sonic, Mario or Batman

The dinosaur game is one of the most popular Google Easter Eggs, with hours and hours of gameplay by users while they wait for their Internet connection to return. Although we all know it as the game of the dinosaur or Dino, the real name of this game is T-Rex Runner. If you think you knew everything about him, you are very wrong, you still have a lot to discover. Today we share a trick to "change" the Google dinosaur for characters like Mario, Batman or Naruto, get points effortlessly or increase its speed to make it more complex.

Before explaining how to “hack” the Google dinosaur with the help of some codes, we are going to briefly review how you can access the game.

How to get into Google's dinosaur game

While some regret losing their Internet connection, others take advantage of that free time to enjoy one of the simplest, but most fun, games on the web: T-Rex Runner. Playing the Google dinosaur without an Internet connection is extremely easy: open Google Chrome and, when you see the dinosaur appear next to the “No Internet connection” label, click on the space bar to start playing.

This will activate Dino, who will start running to the right. It will be your time to control it to prevent it from dying when colliding with cacti and flying dinosaurs. The controls on a PC are as follows:

To jump: Spacebar / Directional key up.
Crouch down: Directional key down.
Pause: Alt keys.

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The Google dino game is a simple time killer

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